Freelance Writer For Hire: Abdullah Makarfi

Analytics report of FinanceCareServices.

How My Freelance Writing Process Works

  1. For starters, I’ll put together a list of keyword opportunities we could take advantage of, as well as corresponding blog headlines to get started.
  2. As soon as the scope of our freelance content marketing is defined and agreed upon, the real work begins. I’ll set deadlines for posts to be published and begin to execute a strategic distribution plan for getting your content noticed by influencers, publications and brands.
  3. I’ll write blog posts that are in-depth and designed to attract new readers to your blog. I’ll also grab quotes from influencers in the industry to reinforce credibility for your business and build in social sharing from well-established personalities.
  4. Once the content is published, I’ll start promoting the post on social media. Then, I’ll reach out to all influencers, brands and blogs mentioned in the post — to get social shares, drive qualified traffic and attracting press.
  5. With time, we’ll learn what performs best with your audience and the most effective strategies for driving in readers, subscribers & customers within your target audience. We’ll continue creating content marketing collateral that gets results and work towards building regular relationships with publications and partnership with influencers.
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Abdullah Idris

Abdullah Idris

I’m a freelance writer/content marketer for start-up companies offering financial services. I love to write about interesting subjects that educates readers.